Direct From the Dark Continent

August 19, 2009 at 3:30 am (1) (, )

Sometimes you want to do something different. Explore new worlds, visit places you don’t have the money for in real life.  Naturally, you need the right clothing to help you get into the spirit. Can’t traipse around Africa or Egypt in a ballgown (actually you can, but meh).  To feed your need for exploration,  the ArthurConan Doyle Safari Suite is perfect.

AC Doyle Men's Safari Suite

AC Doyle Men's Safari Suite

Modeled by PJ Trenton, the  men’s safari outfit comes with pith helmet, expedition shoes and spats, leggings, jacket and pants.  Note the detail in the jacket and leggings.

AC Doyle Ladies Safari Suite

AC Doyle Ladies Safari Suite

The women’s Safari Suite has a similar version but also comes with long and short skirts and an animal print corset. The pith helmet has retractable mosquito netting.

sphynx_019See how model Jedburgh30  has command of her surroundings as she surveys the exotic locale in her corset? Adventure is not for the timid!

Thanks to the beautiful and talented Jedburgh30 Dagger for modeling the ladies outfit. My sincere thanks to PJ Trenton for stepping in to model and photograph.

View more of  PJ’s work at

Viv Trafalgar Outfitters


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